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Structural Steelwork

Steel components are prefabricated at TECCON's manufac-turing facilities and typically assembled by bolted connec-tions on site. With the highest possible precision allowed by steel only, the work-pieces are planned, cut and assembled accurately. Exclusively the maximum transport measure-ments, the necessary cranes for lifting, and room for mano-euvring on site, define and determine the amount of on-site presence.

Computerided design, the use of particular structural ele-ments, serial production of the individual components of the construction, standardized steel connections machining of preassembled workpieces, extensive workshop prefabrication and precisely managed installation and construction pro-cesses characterize state of the art industrial steel con-struction

The high strength of steel combined with a material specific design leads to light structures and comparatively smaller foundations. Bolted connections and low component weight favours transport and assembly.

Mobile service hall for KFOR,

Tower for mobile communi-
cations, Austria

Maintenance platforms, Austria

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