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Industrial Stacks

TECCON supports its customers in the selection of structural shape and materials of industrial stacks in order to reach the best suitable design for a given location, flue gas composition, temperature and volume. The dimensioning and the evalu-ation that the construction will withstand the expected static and dynamic loads due to corrosive media, temperature, wind and earthquakes are additional steps in selecting an opti-mized stack.

Acoustical regulations are considered as well as issues related to production, engineering or architecture. At the end of the planning process the outcome is an extremely econo-mical stack system that meets all technical requirements and fits harmoniously into the landscape.

TECCON implements the planning specifications using in-house manufacturing facilities, takes charge of transportation and installation.

The TECCON reference list includes notable large stacks for gas turbines with more than 500 ° C exhaust temperature and heights up to 55 m.

Large stack for steam power- station ÖDK St. Andrä

Large stack for steam power- station ÖDK Zeltweg (55 m high)

Large stack for thermal power station Kirchdorf

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