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Developed by TECCON, the PELLET.TOWER is a standardized
unit for the production of high quality wood pellets. All func-tions of the core process related to the production of wood pellets - i. e. sawdust grinding, humidity regulation, pressing, pellet cooling and screening - are integrated into the pro-duction unit and runs fully automatically.

Through the brilliant utilisation of the forces of gravity the unit
produces with minimized conveyor technology, thereby re-ducing the operational and maintenance expenses. The stan-dardization assures investors a lowrisk entry into the wood pellet production sector. Added advantages of standardization are the straightforward replacement of wear and tear and spare parts, the fasttracked approval process by authorities and the space saving construction of the unit. An integral component of the unit is an advanced fire- and explosion protection system. Together with the online weighing system for recording actual production volume, the built-in vacuum cleaner system for easy cleaning, the option for remote moni-toring and maintenance, new standards are set for wood pellets production.

The PELLET.TOWER is offered in two series: the machinery of the PT series achieve 2.5 to 6.0 t/h, the series of P2T 6.0 to 10.0 t/h. Thus an annual wood pellet production of about 15,000 to 75,000 tons per production unit is achieved. Installation of multiple PELLET.TOWER units can increase the production according to discretion.

Hot´ts Pellets Glechner GmbH
Oberweis, Austria

NORICA Pellets
Hermagor, Austria

Pelletswerk Oderland
Frankfurt a. d. Oder, Germany

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