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TECCON Components

Pellet Plants

With years of experience in operating an own built wood pellet
plant and prudent engineering craftsmanship, TECCON en-sures low investment risk and high profitability in the reali-zation of projects for the production of wood pellets from sawmill byproducts.

TECCON is renowned for its patented pelletizing modules, the
PELLET.TOWER, which is characterized by high-quality technology and advanced ease of use. Additionally, TECCON offers key technologies for pellet plants like components for preprocessing of wood fibres, storage and conveyance. To build innovative concepts TECCON takes advantage of the basic conditions and the local project specific circumstances to create efficient and economical plants.

TECCON offers a comprehensive range of services for the entire life cycle of pellet plants – from the initial consultation on the project idea to support for operational process optimisation in current production line.

Pelletwerk Waldviertel,
Rastenfeld, 30.000 t/a

Pelletswerk Sturmberger,
Wels, 45.000 t/a

Hot’ts Pellets Oberweis
90.000 t/a

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