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Flexible Automation

While in traditional automation, highly specialised machines
churn out serial production with large batch sizes, flexible automation, on the other hand, follows a holistic operational approach ensuring faster and responsive machines that oper-ate efficiently. To serve this purpose, flexible automation solutions uses hardware components such as industrial robots, CNC machines or special sensors as well as appro-priate software-packages.

High performance integrated production plants emerge through the efficient combination of individual components and subsystems. Based on these principles TECCON deve-lops, designs and supplys solutions tailored to suit the specific requirments of an application.

Flexibility towards various different tasks proves the inno-vative and creative capacity of TECCON employees. Exper-ience in mechanical and C & I technology accelerate the preliminary designs, simulation with CAE-Systems supports the further optimisation. Additional confidence is demon-strated with the building of prototypes.

An example of the catenation of individual components is de-
picted on this page. It illustrates a fully automated production
line for up to 12 meters rock anchors, used in tunnelling.

Atlas Copco – Expendable rock bolts plant, Northbay, Canada

MINOVA Mai – ROLL.X – Production line for self-drilling steel anchors (max. DN 150), Feistritz, Austria

Treibacher Chemische Werke – Robot system for handling molds

Treibach, Austria
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